“梦想的探寻之旅”——九年级同学们的Major Explore活动




   —— 列夫 · 尼古拉耶维奇 · 托尔斯泰









         近期,九年级的学生们开展了一个名为 “Major explore” 的活动。此次活动的举办目的是为了让即将面临升学的九年级同学们对自己未来的职业选择有一个大概的规划以及目标。学生们可以通过调查、演讲、分享来找到自己感兴趣的和擅长的职业。        

         活动步骤大致分为学生自我组队,共同完成对一个固定职业的各方面调查研究。学生们从所需AP课程、申请该职业的要求、在从事此职业领域出色的大学、职业未来发展方向等展开调查并跟据查阅到的资料制作 ppt 和海报在全班面前分享。老师们也在初始阶段帮助学生们选择合适的职业,在准备阶段提出建议、监督学生任务进度,并且在演讲环节给予中肯的评价和提议。老师们能通过这次活动对学生们未来的职业选择有更加深入的了解,为学生提供更好的资源和完善教学策划。

         四个班的同学们都选择了多样化的职业,例如心理学、法学以及经济学。值得一提的是,许多 冷门 职业也被同学们一一介绍,比如物理工程学、美学和日语等等。同学们精彩的演讲和丰富的内容介绍让老师和同学们都获取了多方面、多元的知识。

         研究过程中,同学们反馈自己认识了college board这个网站,里面包含了不同就业方向的详细介绍,例如职业收入和目前就业人数。同时, college board 上面还包含了不同职业的要求,比如 AP 选课和所需的奖项和能力,同学们可以从现在开始就为自己梦想职业做准备和调查。

            Major Explore 的反响很不错,在锻炼了大家的主动探索和信息收集整合的能力以及表达展示的能力的同时,各个班级也投出了自己心目中完成最好的三个小组。所有同学们在此次活动中都积极参与,认真准备,共同完成了一次 Major explore 的活动,相信所有同学在这次活动中都受益匪浅。

         对于所有九年级的同学来说,这次活动是为了能让每个人对自己的学习方向有一个大概的规划,并且无论是对自己后续的课程选择还是就业方向,都能有一定的了解。杭州湾的同学们从小小的调查开始,逐渐走向广阔的未来。同学们都有了自己想为此努力的目标,这才是 Major Explore 背后最核心的意义。最后,希望同学们都能够往自己感兴趣、擅长的方向努力,为自己的梦想拼搏。








“The Journey of Dream Exploration”—— Major Explore activity for ninth grade students


Dreams are guiding lights. Without dreams, there is no firm direction; without direction, there is no life.

                                                                                                                                       ——Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy


Recently, ninth grade students conducted an activity called "Major explore." The purpose of this event is to allow ninth-grade students who are about to enter higher education to have a rough plan and goals for their future career choices. Students can find careers they are interested in through surveys, lectures, and sharing.


The steps of the activity are roughly divided into students forming teams by themselves to jointly complete various aspects of investigation and research on a fixed occupation. And then, the students conducted research on required AP courses, requirements for applying for this career, excellent universities in this career field, future career development directions, etc., and based on the information they reviewed, they made ppts and posters to share in front of the whole class. During the process, teachers also help students choose a suitable career in the initial stage, make suggestions during the preparation stage, monitor students' task progress, and give pertinent evaluations and suggestions during the speech session. Teachers can have a deeper understanding of students' future career choices through this activity, provide students with better resources and improve teaching planning.


Students in all four classes have chosen diverse careers, such as psychology, law, and economics. It is worth mentioning that many “unpopular” professions have also been introduced by students, such as physical engineering, aesthetics, Japanese, etc. The students' wonderful speeches and introductions allowed teachers and students to acquire multi-faceted and diverse knowledge.


During the research process, students reported that they were more familiar with the website College Board, which contains detailed introductions to different employment directions, such as career income and the number of current employees. At the same time, the college board also contains requirements for different careers, such as AP course selection and required awards and abilities. Students can start preparing and investigating for their dream careers from now on.


The response to the Major Explore was very good. Furthermore, each class also voted for the three groups that they thought were the best. All students actively participated in this activity, prepared carefully, and jointly completed a Major exploration activity. I believe that all students benefited a lot from this activity.


For all ninth-grade students, this activity is to enable everyone to have a rough plan for their own learning direction, and to have a certain understanding of their subsequent course selection and employment direction. The students in Hangzhou Bay Bilingual School started with a small investigation and gradually moved towards a broad future. The students all have goals they want to work hard for. This is the core meaning behind Major Explore. Finally, I hope that all students can work hard in the direction that they are interested in and good at, and strive for their dreams.





编辑| 杨晨