Make a Growth 我的成长

In this special semester, like many students, the children of HBBSS also took online lessons at home. However, how can we make this time meaningful? In addition to earnest study, the teachers from HBBSS led our students to carry out a habit-building activity called "Make a Growth".     



The purpose of this activity is to encourage our students to choose a feasible goal, accomplish it every day, and gradually develop good habits. At the same time, our parents can also participate in it and make a difference to their lives.            


In the growth record uploaded by students this week, some children chose to practice hard-pen calligraphy for an hour per day; some chose to do rope-jumping; some insisted on reading; and some started to communicate with parents and change thoughts. Although many of them are good habits that we have slowly developed in our daily lives, with the company of parents, it can be a very different experience!                  



The development of habit requires firm will and action, which is also one of the outstanding qualities of our HBBSS students. I believe that when they meet again, all of you will become better individuals!      




/英| 宋蕾     

编辑| 徐思思 程艺旋