HBBSS New Year Show|2020”鼠“于你

为了迎接崭新的一年, 2019  12  26 日,杭校 New Year Show- 新年汇演在大礼堂隆重拉开帷幕。全体初中学生以及班主任老师们热情参与其中,为我们带来了一场视觉与听觉的盛宴。

HBBSS New Year Show was held in the auditorium on 26th, December, 2019 in order to welcome and celebrate the new year 2020. The middle school students and homeroom teachers actively participated in the show, bringing us both a visual and auditory feast.


新年汇演在 6 位小主持人(分别为:朱奕聪,刘津舒,刘展瑞,杨睿晨,邬天一  黄嘉怡)精彩的开场白之后正式开始。第一首歌献给我们可爱的老师。

New Year Show officially began after the wonderful opening remarks of the six MCs. The first song was dedicated to our lovely teachers.





The dancing shows were diversified, including traditional dance, street dance, cup dance, light show and so forth. These creative performances were very popular among students, and won rounds after rounds of applause. The excellent performances showcased the students’ and teachers’ efforts during the rehearsal.


8-3 Cups  When I  m gone 




8-2  街舞秀


6-4  歌舞《 La la land + We will rock you 


7-4  歌舞  Walking the wire 


8-1  流行舞 《一笑倾城》


8-4  舞蹈串烧


6-1  快闪  Counting star 


歌曲类的节目让人陶醉其中。同学们既展示了西方美,也展现了我们独有的东方美。在选歌方面,我们既有英文歌如《 Look at me now 》《 Rise 》等,还有中文歌如《生僻字》等。在《生僻字》的结尾,同学们拉出“中国核,世界流”的横幅,展现了我们杭校的理念。

The singing shows were really brilliant, displaying not only the western beauty but also the unique Chinese beauty. There were English songs, such as Look at Me Now and Rise. Also, there was wonderful Chinese song Rare Chinese Characters.


7-3  表演唱 《生僻字》


6-3  表演唱  Look at me now 


6-2  灯光秀  Darkside 


7-1  歌舞《 Rise 



Instrumental performances such as piano duet, violin, and electronic music impressed the audience a lot.


7-2  器乐歌舞《 Happier 






Goodbye is what is said to this year, expecting more to happen in the next year. Thanks to all the teachers in HBBSS for your help this year. Thanks to all the students in HBBSS for your academic attitude of always striving for the best. It's a New Year, a brand new start. Wishing each and every one a year to behold. And may it be full of wonders for you to unfold. Happy New Year !



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编辑| 徐思思 程艺旋