HBBSS Spelling Bee|拼词达人,谁与争“蜂”

2019 1227日,上海金山杭州湾双语学校举办了紧张激烈的Spelling Bee比赛。

On December 27th, 2019, an exciting Spelling Bee Competition was held in HBBSS.


比赛开始前,主持人先为大家播放了一个小短篇,介绍了这次比赛的规则。与往常不同的是,这次杭校spelling bee第一次全初中部所有学生共同竞技,不分年龄段,不设范围。选手们可以询问关于词语的问题,例如词性,释义,造句,以帮助他们成功拼对词语。

Before the competition, Ms. Ellie played a video clip for all of the candidates and audience to introduce the competition rule. Unlike before, this spelling bee allowed the whole candidates in middle school to compete with each other together on stage, no matter which grade they are in. The candidates may ask questions about the words, including their part of speech, definition, and example sentence, to help them successfully get the right spelling.


本次比赛的评委:他们是Mr. Franks, Mrs. Franks, Mr. Harry

After that, Ms. Ellie introduced our dear judges, Mr. Franks, Mrs. Franks, and Mr. Harry.




As the competition began, the candidates spelled the words one by one. After a fierce round of competition, seven of the original thirteen players made it to the second round.




在第二轮中,有一个词难倒了所有的选手,这个词是“Erudite”(adj. 博学的有学问的)由于所有选手都没拼写出这个单词,评委们给予了他们所有人继续拼写下一个单词的机会。经过第二轮激烈比赛,剩下的选手顺利进入第三轮。

In the second round, a word confused all of the candidates. This word is  Erudite(adj. having or showing great knowledge that is gained from academic study). Since all the candidates didn't spell the word right, the judges gave them all the chance to continue to spell the next word. At last, only a few candidates made it to the third round.



In the third round, another word confused the candidates, which is  Foible (n. a silly habit or a strange or weak aspect of a person's character, that is considered harmless by other people). The word seems easy but is actually difficult to identify from the pronunciation.


最后,只有来自七年级的Sissi同学顺利拼出了这个单词,成为了本次spelling bee的冠军。大家激动地为她喝彩。

At last, Sissi from grade seven spelled the word correctly. The champion of the Spelling Bee Competition finally went to Sissi from grade seven.



Congratulations to Sissi for her brilliant performance! Mr. Franks presented her the champion trophy, champion certificate and a cute bee as a champion gift.


比赛在热烈的氛围中落下帷幕,让我们期待下学期的下一位Spelling Bee冠军。

Let's look forward to the next Spelling Bee Champion in next semester.



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