Hangzhou-Bay Bilingual School of Shanghai (HBBSS) is a private, coeducational academy for Chinese students located in Shanghai’s Jinshan District. Under the supervision of Hejia Educational League, HBBSS is fully supported by the Chinese government and dedicates to providing students with advanced curriculum in grades 1-9.

HBBSS values an inclusive and supportive community that encourages individualism. Faculty and staff at HBBSS facilitate inclusion both inside and outside the classroom, recognizing that a sense of community is imperative for high-level educational achievement. HBBSS helps foster the community by organizing events and activities that showcase student’s talents and create lasting bonds among students.


Environment and Facilities



HBBSS, located in Jinshan Industrial Park, covering an area of 100 acres (Phase 1) with 50% green coverage rate, aims to provide students with a comfortable and healthy environment. The various modern facilities in HBBSS are equipped in accordance with world-class standards, designed to provide the highest quality platform for both the comprehensive and individual development of students.