Distinctive Themes + Students’ Centered

We have implemented various campus activities with distinctive themes in accordance with students’ characteristics and grade levels by integrating the teaching resources in Hangzhou-Bay Bilingual School (Shanghai Jinshan). Activity series, such as traditional Chinese festivals, have been carried out in order to cultivate students’ patriotic consciousness and socialist core values. Behavior norms and school rules have been enforced so as to enhance and improve students’ values. We have emphasized honor code values of honesty and credibility through social practice activities, and enhanced students’ sense of social responsibility and international vision through service opportunities. We promote students’ organization, management, communication, and cooperation skills in all school activities.


Set Clear Objectives for Each Section + Demonstrate Grade Features

Hangzhou-Bay Bilingual School (Shanghai Jinshan) has gradually formed its own unique campus culture and demonstrated these features by taking full advantage of classroom dynamics and campus activities.

In the primary section, we have built a “healthy, intense, and happy” environment through campus activities that promote life education, development of behavior and habit, safety education, and cultivating interests. In the middle section, we have created a “ friendly, cooperative, and active-learning” environment by implementing activities ranging from adolescent health education, moral cultivation, teamwork, and potential development. A “positive, active, and progressive” environment has been established in our school through emphasis on diverse culture studies, social responsibility, university guidance, and aptitude development.


Expanding Horizons + Healthy Personality

The experience of campus activities greatly promotes communication and sharing within classes and between grade levels. Students’ campus life has been enriched with the provision of a close-knit community in which they can grow a sense of individuality and belonging. Various campus activities serve to develop students’ social skills, organization, management and self-presentation. The environment promotes positive and optimistic attitude towards life and helps shape healthy personalities.