The administration team of Hangzhou-Bay Bilingual School (Shanghai Jinshan), headed by Mr. Tang, Sheng Chang, has an impressive collective range of experience in international education management and modern educational concepts. The Administration has successfully held a number of high-level schools, including Huayu Private Middle School, Shangbao Middle School and Shanghai Zhangjiang Group School, as well as Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School, which offers high school international curriculum and bilingual courses at the compulsory education stage. Through their successful education practice, they have considerable influence in the field of basic education and international education in Shanghai.


Mr. Tang, Shengchang  Superintendent

Mr. Tang is the Superintendent of Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School, as well as the Head of the Shanghai Institute of International Research (SIIR). He was the first person to receive the Shanghai Municipal Educational Achievement Award for his contribution to educational research and management in 2002, and was recognized by the Shanghai Municipal Government as the greatest single educational administrator in Shanghai in 1997. He served as the Vice President of Shanghai Caoyang No. 2 High School in 1984, and served as the Shanghai High School Principal from 1989-2014, founding the International Division in 1993. Additionally, Mr. Tang has held memberships and leadership positions of numerous international and education related organizations. These included serving as the member of the International Baccalaureate Organization Principals Committee, the Principal Committee for the Asia-Pacific Region, and the Committee member of the Educational Experts in the Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee. He was also a Committee Member of the National Education Examination Expert Panel, Vice President of the Shanghai Education Society, Deputy Director of K-12 Curriculum Teaching Materials Research Group of the Ministry of Education, and an Accreditation Expert for the NCCT International School. Mr. Tang graduated from the Mathematics Department of Shanghai Normal University in 1962.


Mrs. Li, Ying  Deputy Superintendent

Mrs. Li Ying is the Deputy Superintendent of the Shanghai Institute of International Research (SIIR) and the Deputy Superintendent of Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School. She also serves as the President of the Shanghai HuaYu Middle School and previously served as the Vice President of Shanghai High School. She has served as the Head of the Shanghai High School International Division, while at the same time holding a position with the Shanghai Zhangjiang Group Junior Middle School. Mrs. Li Ying is recognized by the Shanghai Educational Bureau as a Senior Teacher of Education Management, as well as one of the most devoted members of the educational field nationwide, seen as a symbol of the National Advanced Women’s Collective. She has served as the sixth and seventh annual inspector for Shanghai Municipal Schools. She has extensive State and Municipal level education research experience, having participated in national and municipal level education research, as well as receiving grant reward prizes for three projects.


Mr. Wang, Nianzu Deputy Superintendent

Mr. Wang is the Primary and Middle School Principal of Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School . He previously served at Shanghai High School International Division as both the Deputy Director and Mathematics and IT Program Head Teacher. He has a wealth of experience in education, including management and teaching, and has demonstrated a commitment to fostering personal development among his students.


Mrs. Jin, Muhua Principal

She was the Principal of the High School Department of Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School and is a member of the 11th Committee of Shanghai Youth Federation. She previously served as the Head of the chemistry teaching and research team of the International Division of Shanghai High School, the Director of Pudong Campus of the International Division, and the Principal of Shanghai Zhangjiang Group School. Recognized as a Senior Teacher of Chemistry by Shanghai Educational Bureau, she has many years of teaching experience in high school entrance examination and high-level chemistry examinations for international diplomas. Familiar with mainstream courses at home and abroad, she has extensive experience in teaching and education management in primary, middle and high school.