HBBSS is committed to preparing students for a successful future in an increasingly globalized society through an integrated Chinese and international-style curriculum. In addition to challenging students through academic rigor, HBBSS seeks to facilitate personal development and growth and encourages all students to meet their full potential in all aspects of school and life. HBBSS provides students with the resources and support necessary to become healthy, capable members of society prepared to excel in the 21st century international arena.



HBBSS hopes for its students to use the tools they have acquired as students to thrive in an international world. It equips students with English proficiency in the hopes that bilingualism will open the doors to impact the world through future pursuits. The flexibility of its curriculum, which allows students to tailor their studies according to their own potential and interests, will inspire its students to continue to pursue their passions and interests throughout their future lives. The Administration hopes that its students will draw upon the personal development and confidence gained through the sense of community and faculty support at HBBSS to shape the world both at home and abroad.